What You Win

We are giving away a gift for the boys  – the Star Wars special edition Poe Men’s Electric Shaver.

How to Win

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  • angi145

    in love with your fabulous articles,
    we want more

    • Ask the Monsters

      Stay tuned Angie! We post every day one article 🙂

  • Jamie Johnson
  • Shu-Ching Chang

    [email protected] , Than you so much for this prize because it is my perfect gift for my daughter’s 17 years old birthday present. 💖

  • Paul Edward Montador
    • Ask the Monsters

      Hi Paul, Please type in your email by clicking on this tiffany blue button and fill out the form. The other option is to register via facebook:

      • Paul Edward Montador

        I think I already did that!!

  • simon benson
  • Shu-Ching Chang

    [email protected]
    Love this prize with a lot of thank you.

    • Beatrice Lessi

      Good to hear – check the win section regularly for more prizes

  • Emanuil Rakov

    good idea Monst team:)

    • Ask the Monsters

      Haha thank you!!

  • louliloule

    good idea! <3

  • Madeleine Chassot
  • Shu-Ching Chang
  • Virna Barbi