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5 “Boring” Basics Both Meghan Markle and I Wear – Maybe You Too

Beatrice Lessi

One of my fashion bibles, Who What Wear, featured an article showing the “boring” basics both Megan and Anna Wintour wear. When I saw this, I realised that Meghan’s style is not so far from mine: she loves fitted, classic pieces,  has quite a no-fuss style, no-frills style, a preference for solid colours (no flowers or patterns) and little accessorising. A style I adore too – below, 5 examples.

1.  The Man’s Shirt in a Strong Colour

Photo: pinterest.com

2. The Burberry Trench

Photo: pinterest.com

3. The Stilettos in Contrasting Color

Photo: pinterest.com

4. The long, Non-Sleeves Dress with a Split

Photo: pinterest.com

5. The Tulle Dress

Photo: pinterest.com

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