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An Italian Trying Ayurveda Cooking – With a Bloggers Crew

Beatrice Lessi

The Italian Thinking

I confess: being Italian, I am always very skeptical about any non-Italian cooking, so when I received the invitation to a bloggers dinner of Ayurvedic cooking sponsored by Rituals, I was intrigued by the idea of meeting other bloggers, but I thought: “yeah yeah…what’s this all Ayurveda fuss about!? Beginners!”  Of course, after hearing the introduction our cook/Ayurveda expert gave us, telling us Ayurveda is a 5’000 years old system of natural healing…I had to admit that maybe even Italians can learn something!


I had already felt very strongly during the DLD Conference I just attended in Munich: the average person is tired, unbalanced and stressed out. Talk to people about holidays, sleeping more, relaxing, and they immediately give you a smile. There is a huge need of slowing down and being kinder to ourselves, treat ourselves nicely, encourage and approve ourselves instead of thinking we are not good enough. And what has Ayurveda to do with it?

rituals ayurveda line

The Rituals Ayurveda line – balance starts in your own home. Photo:


The term Ayureveda is composed of two words of Sanskrit, ayur (life) and veda (knowledge). So the word essentially means “the science of life”, and is a holistic approach from Ancient India. By following its principles, you can achieve health and balance. And it starts by cooking! For an idea of its basic principles, have a look at this cookbook excerpt.

The Bloggers

The guests of the evening were all girls, all bloggers. Well, there was one man: Luca, the (photographer boyfriend) of one of the bloggers (Tiphaine of Tiphaine’s Diary). He is also Italian, so I forgave him for ruining the perfect girls balance. Minea of aenymblaze (one of my daughters idols on Snapchat) was also there, Tamara and Sabrina from The Blonder Blog, Michele from The Fashion Fraction,  Sandra of Entre Dois , and my favourite beauty blogger: Steffi of Hey PrettyWe peeled potatoes together while exchanging beauty and SEO tips.

The whole group in front of the Rituals products. Beatrice wears a MAIOCCI dress (

The whole group in front of the Rituals products. Beatrice wears a MAIOCCI dress (

ayurveda bloggers

Everybody helped with cooking, and learnt some principles by doing.

steffi hidberg beatrice lessi

Peeling potatoes with beauty guru Steffi of Hey Pretty. Beatrice wears a MAIOCCI dress.

rituals ayurveda cooking

Birgit, Rituals Marketing Manager Switzerland, works with Tamara and Sabrina.

The Final Prize

Our reward for cooking together? An absolutely delicious meal, a laugh, some Rituals products from the Ayurvedic Collection, and a couple of things to think about. This week of financial earthquakes, global conferences and meetings has shown me big events, but also achievable, possible changes. Looking for personal balance and joy is an important task that can be done with a smile. I’ll try not to forget it.

indian rose candle

Indian Rose candle by Rituals – it burns 50 hours. Photo:

adrian rituals

Adrian Rosu of arosuphoto  takes pictures of the Rituals products


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