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Are You Ready for Miss Earth Schweiz?

Beatrice Lessi

Girls Bootcamp

It’s that time of the year: Miss Earth Schweiz candidates get together for a bootcamp and learn about the spirit of the competition in a very practical way: they work as volunteers, get exposed to social or environmental issues, discuss what their passions are, learn what some of the sponsors are doing to reduce their impact to the environment and improve their ethical standards, and so on. And of course they model too!

Smiling during the bootcamp – Fabienne Steiger

miss earth schweiz

Listening to a presentation

Bloggers Meet Candidates

Yes, because the bootcamp is about important issues, but also about the basics of show business. The girls need to get prepared for the final, which will be the 20th January, where both aspects and abilities will be tested. One of the bootcamp days is devoted to meeting us bloggers, who help with advertising the competition online. That’s why I went to the Chasseral Outdoor farm and met the candidates.

Miss earth schweiz

Trying bio cotton

Diana-Kei Gonzales, one of the candidates

Good Food and Bio Cotton

The day started with a fantastic home made lunch in the farm. After that, we could test some clothes in bio cotton. Did you know that Bonprix, Miss Earth main sponsor, produces 40 million of pieces per year? It’s 70% of the whole production, and, by 2020, it plans to reach 100%. This is an incredible boost to the economy of some African regions and creates highly desiderable working conditions that allow many families to really improve their lives.

Bonprix is also developing new techniques to dye and color fabrics with a minimum use of water and chemicals. We were shown some examples and could ask questions about it. The effort of the company, in recent years, has been constant, and is bringing some important results for Africa and for the environment. The clothes are very soft and beautiful too.

Miss earth schweiz

Listening to a presentation about fashion and sustainability

Miss earth schweiz

I tried bio cotton too!

Tanja and Tommaso

As every year, I loved meeting the minds behind Miss Earth Schweiz: Tanja Marcic and Tommaso de Tommaso Longo. Apart from the fact that they speak 5 languages fluently and are incredibly friendly, Tanja and Tommaso have developed a real ability for understanding their candidates and pushing them to find out their talents.

It doesn’t matter if you are only 18, you can still do a lot and achieve a lot, says Tanja about her girls. We can all help, at every time of our lives. I like when I see my candidates developing and finding out what they are capable of – it’s often more than they thought.

Good luck to all the candidates and I’ll see you at the final! May the most beautiful – and earth-loving –  win.

Miss earth schweiz

Tanja and Tommaso at the recent Red Cross ball