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Best Trends From Paris – Spring 2023

Beatrice Lessi

What We’ve seen During Fashion Month

As usual, Paris is the last one of the four Fashion Weeks – New York, London and Milan, in that order, always come just before. Not surprisingly, considering the situation in the world, we have seen an incredible amount of black, some war-like scenarios, a lot of protective clothing also in summer (light coats, capes, trenches, bombers and hats), and a major cancellation (the Burberry catwalk) when the Queen died.

On the other hand pastel colors, nature-inspired prints and decorations, super shorts hot pants, long and fitted dresses in light fabrics, ruches and draped chiffon made us dream and see a world of lightness and hope. Probably both trends are equally going to be effectively bought in the shops and worn. Diversity was also improving: we have seen different types of models, even though the classic young,white, skinny girl still seems to be the symbol of fashion.

Beauty will save us all – let’s look at the best showcased in Paris.

Bella Hadid Getting Sprayed A Liquid Dress That Became Solid

Coperni. Photo: vogue.co.uk


Cutout Black


Summer Coat

Summer Trench




Dark Violet



Green Draped Dress

Flirty Lila



White Shirt



Earth Colors






Black And White with Floaty Fabric




Long Top + Shorts

Long Top + Loose Trousers

Angel and Roses Prints

Almost Invisible Hot Pants


Black Suit


Dramatic White Dress

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