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Ciao Milano! Best trends Seen at #MFW

Beatrice Lessi

I am biased, I know – Milan is my favorite fashion week and has been for years. What are the best trends we could observe there, summing up whatever has been seen on the catwalks, streets, front rows and parties? Here they are – the 10 best trends, easy to be copied or inspired by and ready to update any closet and style.

1. Sunglasses For No Reason

A pure decoration, they don’t even protect your eyes from light: the new sunglasses are here to please.

Model off-duty and sunglasses as a decoration: Photo: vogue.co.uk

Bella Hadid also loves the trend. Photo: vogue.co.uk

2. Gucci Belt Bag

From kitsch to classic: belt bags are back, especially by Gucci.

Wear it on the side. Photo: whowhatwear

With striped trousers and top. Photo: whowhatwear

3. Fancy Tights

Checked, flowery, sparkly, noticeable: the new tights are an eye catching point and complete any look.

Almost as important as the dress. Photo: vogue.co.uk

As seen on the Gucci catwalk. Photo: vogue.co.uk

 4. Pleated Skirt

Still going very strong, the pleated skirt is especially loved in colorful combinations.

Colorful and pleated – seen everywhere. Photo: vogue.co.uk

With Gucci accessories. Photo: vogue.co.uk

5. Extreme Elegance And T-Shirt

Mix a classic rolled sleeved t-shirt with pastel colors and bonton look, or pair it with an important piece like a leather, studded ot sparkling jacket.

Unexpected combination. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Mum and daughter behind the brand Luisa Beccaria. Tone the elegance down with a flowery t-shirt. Photo: vogue.co.uk

6. Pencil Skirt

Mix corporate and leisure – the pencil skirt also made a big comeback.

Indigital. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Prada. Photo: vogue.co.uk

7. Socks

Short or long, thick or fishnets, with slippers or heels: socks have been seen everywhere.

Fishnets and classic Gucci slippers. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Strong colors, big logo, velvet and shiny socks. Photo: elle.com



8. Stripes And Checks

I promise you: striped trousers and checked outfits are snapped by every photographer. Get one of these pieces if you want to update your closet.

One of the endless combinations of checks seen in Milan. Photo: whowhatwear

The Gucci way or the athleisure way – it doesn’t matter; just add a stripe there. Photo: whowhatwear

9. Red Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are still super fashionable. This year, we have seen them especially in red, white, in the cowboy or Dr. Marten version, and in the “sock boots” version. Here two beautiful looks for inspiration.

A cool splash of color. . Photo: whowhatwear

Pimpin’ up any pair of jeans. . Photo: whowhatwear

10. Say With Your Jumper

The day of the week is especially fashionable, but anything can be said: all wisdom is on t-shirts and jumpers, today!

Monocrome and day of the week. Photo: harpersbazaar.com

Photo: harpersbazaar.com