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Dermocosmetic Will Get Your Skin Through Winter

Germina Preses

Is it me or, does it always feel like there so much more to learn about skin care?

I remember being a teenager and treating my skin in ways that today are unimaginable for me. Ever slept with make up on, repeatedly? Ever used the cheapest products without even reading the ingredients?

No wonder I had to fight against skin issues for several years, and ever since became, not only extremely sensitive towards the products I use, but also hungry for more knowledge on how to take care of it.

Having hyper sensitive – mixed skin, I have to adapt to weather conditions, hormonal waves and many other external factors. Basically, only the idea of putting a random creme on my face gives me a rush!

Among the numerous benefits of Switzerland, we can definitely count on great service – and like I did before summer, I payed a visit at the Coop Vitality in Bahnhofstrasse for a free consultancy about Dermocosmetic.

Most of us purchase new skincare products on impulse. We’ve either seen an advert claiming to relieve all of our skin issues and rejuvenate, or we have been recommended a product by a friend. But what we forget is that our skin is unique and that we each need a tailored skin routine.

But what are Dermocosmetics? And why to spend more?

Dermatology based products combine cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, focusing on skin health and the treatment of superficial skin disorders, such as acne, wrinkles and redness. These products are put through various trails and in many cases are clinically tested before being bought to market.They often contain a higher concentration of key ingredients leading to an improved performance, healthier skin that looks aesthetically good.

As every skin type is so different, instead of giving you “5 secrets to.. ” I prefer to share with you my experience at Coop Vitality and highly recommend to do the same. Experts will first help you understand your skin type better, and then show you the best available products.

My little gift for you is a 20% discount at Coop Vitality !
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For those of you who are curious,  these are the products I choose:


  1. Anne Marie Borlind Beauty shot energiser; honestly one of the best beauty purchase I have ever made. This is my favourite Naturkosmetic brand, for both cremes and make up. The energy booster functions as a serum, penetrating the skin rapidly, hydrating and revitalising it – with immediate effect.
  2. Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluron boost; hyaluronic acid is ideal for repairing the skin’s lipid barrier and leaves your epidermis supple and hydrated. As my skin struggles a lot with cold weather, I need highly hydrating products and this one seems to be the one that will get me through winter time.
  3. Dr. Hauschka nail oil; never not taking care of my hands and nails.


I wish you all happy skin care shopping and may these products get you flawless through winter!