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Fashion Florence

Beatrice Lessi

Marilyn’s crocodile shoes. A Gucci cadillac. Cavalli’s chocolate.

Would you like to see Florence the fashion way? If you’ve seen the main tourist attractions already, why not focusing on a mini fashion tour?

From Marilyn Monroe’s shoes to a Gucci designed Cadillac, or a Roberto Cavalli coffee on an animal-printed towel…Florence offers all this; and in a day.

I visited these three fashion spots and loved them: the Gucci Museum, the Caffe’ Giacosa by Cavalliand the Ferragamo Museum. To do that, I browsed through the stunning city centre so also added some window-shopping and some new and old sculptures in Piazza della Signoria

beatrice lessi florence

Strolling through the city centre.

gucci cadillac

Gucci ‘s famous Cadillac at the Gucci Museum

gucci towel glass cafe

Even a glass of water can be Gucci-designed! Clutch by Swarovski.

bea belle donne florence

Via delle Belle Donne – Street of Beautiful Women

beatrice gucci dresses museum

Admiring some classic Gucci dresses

beatrice gucci

Sitting on the floor to see the shoes better.

beatrice gucci luggage

Can I have it all please?

beatrice gucci red velvet bookstore

Red velvet in the bookstore

beatrice giacosa cavalli

Beautiful fashion pictures, at the Caffe’ Giacosa by Cavalli

beatrice lessi ferragamo florence

The gorgeous Ferragamo building

S.M.Novella florence beatrice

Piazza santa Maria Novella in Florence

beatrice piazza della signoria

Jan Fabre’s turtle in front of the copy of Michelangelo’s David.

A Stunning View

To finish off the day, I went to Piazzale Michelangelothe best view in Florence and its most famous panoramic spot. I had never been there before! To this sin, I added a slip of the tongue, and called it the wrong way when I asked for directions. I apologise to the whole Florentine people for my ignorance, but I think I made up for it by completely falling in love with the place! What an incredible view and atmosphere….do have a walk up there if you want to be mesmerised forever.

piazzale michelangelo beatrice

Stunning – Piazzale Michelangelo

florence michelangelo beatrice

Simply in love