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Go Big Go Glamour Go 80s

Beatrice Lessi

Thick jewellery, black dresses, golden accessories, studs on clothes and accessories, high heels and full make up in the pool, super feminine and groomed style: the  Versace-inspired 80s glamour is back. For a party but also for everyday, the combination of black and gold is a sure head-turner. Glam up with us and get inspired by some of the bloggers, celebrities and advertising campaigns’ best looks:

1. The Versace “Medusa”

Remember the Medusa symbol? It used to be everywhere and it is back now.


Emily Didonato in a Versace Medusa belt and black leather miniskirt. Photo: fashionstylesmag.com


A classic black dress is spiced up by the golden Medusa belt. Photo: fashionstylesmag.com

2. The Street Style Way

Fashionistas and streestylers interpret the black and gold trend with imagination: it’s an easy way to spice up any classic black outfits.


Bold yello gold immediately lightens up a black ensemble. stockholmstreetstyle.com


River Island top and Asos skirt, paired with yellow chain necklace and golden belt with screws. Photo: fashiongarden.gr

3. Pool Glamour

Let’s say that this trend is more suitable to a pool party than to real swimming time – however, don’t you find it inspiring?


Gisele goes in the water with her studded Versace dress, full make up and styled hair – unrealistic and inspiring! Photo: versace.com


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a highly styled, incredibly glamorous swimmingpool look for a Harpers Bazaar fashion shooting. Photo: harpersbazaar.co.uk

4. Golden Belt

An easy fix for any look: just add a shiny belt and see the outfit glamour up.


Yellow gold buckle and matching bracelets. Photo: fashiongarden.gr


Anja Rubik in a Giuseppe Zanotti campaign. Photo: giuseppezanottidesign.com

5. Pimped Up Trousers

No minimalism is allowed here: decorations, see-through inserts, figure-hugging styles and, why not, the eternally attention-grabbing high heels.


Lace insert and laced up high heels for these Versace leggins. Photo: versace.com


Wouldn’t you also go to the seaside dressed in bold prints and red blazer? Wonderfully inspiring Ferragamo campaign featuring Gisele Büdchen. Photo: ferragamo.com

6.The Moschino Way

Bold prints, ironic words or cartoons, Barbie looks and even plainly fake imitations of other brands are the staples of the Moschino style.


Teddy bears allover your body were already a Moschino trademark in the 80s, They are back, and big. Photo by George Angelis.


Anneli Mustaparta re-interprets the 80s cartoon craze by Moschino. Photo: pinterest.com


The safety-pin Liz Hurley wore on the famous Versace dress that gave her fame launched a big trend. Safety pins, hearts, Swarowsky crystals, flags and peace signs also were part of any accessory. A fun trend we still love.


The peace sign was invented by hippies in the 70s, shortly forgotten, and then re-launched at the end of the 80s, paired with red hearts, crystals andsmileys. Photo:. etsy.com


The safety pins are back! Use them generously, on accessories or clothes. Photo: etsy.com

8. Thick Jewellery

Thick chains rappers-style and high shiny bracelets make any outfit look like first class.


Adriana Lima glammed up in golden jewellery for Versace. Photo: celebrityhive.com


Jasmin Le Bon in Milan for Moschino. Photo: vanityfair.it

9. No Bra

The braless trend is big these days – try it the black and gold way.


Jessie J at the Birt Awards. Photo: goffphotos.com


10. Side-Split

It doesn’t get much more glamorous than this; show your skin and accessorise with gold.


JLo in Versace: fashion rocks. Photo: pinterest.com


Miranda Kerr with side-cut dress and golden accessories. Photo: fanshare.com

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