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Passionate red dress

Photographer: My sister Saveta

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

How long did we shoot: 40 min

How many interactions with locals: We were almost the only ones at the Opera house area.

What happened (unplanned): Beatrice and I decided to take a photo together since we both were wearing red dresses.

What went smoothly: The light was perfect.
Gucci-Zara-louis-vuitton Gucci-Zara-louis-vuittonGucci-Zara-louis-vuittonGucci-Zara-louis-vuittonGucci-Zara-louis-vuittonGucci-Zara-louis-vuitton

Dress (Dostinja): Zara

Dress (Beatrice): Asos

Shoes (Dostinja): Gucci

Shoes (Beatrice): Versace

Bag (Dostinja): Louis Vuitton

Bag (Beatrice): Chanel

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