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Are Our Questions Real? Do We Write Only About Luxury?

Lucy, Edinburgh

Are all the people on the website real !!!! Is there anything your website doesn't sell ?
Is this website only for the rich and famous?

Beatrice Lessi


We answer real questions from real people. Sometimes readers change their names and/or city, and we accept that without questioning: if they want to keep their privacy, they are welcome to do it.

We also receive questions from real friends, sometimes, but they are still absolutely authentic.

If we have doubts about the identity of the applicant (is it a man, or a woman, for example? Obviously the answer will change accordingly, so we do need this piece of information), or if the question is too generic, we ask for more information privately, before writing the answer that will be published.

If questions are in Italian, German, Spanish, Serbian or French we translate them into English, because we understand these languages. Up to now we didn’t need Google translate. Finally, many people write in English but it’s not their first language, so we sometimes correct their grammar or spelling. That’s why answers might look a bit similar in style, but they are not in the original version and they are all authentic.


We answer real people and real question. Photo: pinterest.com

Do We Sell?

We don’t sell anything.

Our real goal, instead, is creating a good, entertaining website where people can chat, feel free to make comments, and have a feeling that they will be read by real people and ” listened to”.

This goal is as important, for us, as creating a business. We love our job and we try to keep it fun and meaningful – we have wonderful feedback from users.


Selling? Not yet. Photo: minimalissimo.com

Is This For The Rich And Famous?

No. We are not rich and famous ourselves, and we don’t talk about luxury only.

The fashion industry offers a wide range of products, and very different prices indeed. We try to feature them all because that’s what we like in real life too, and we feel that people like to be informed about what’s out there, in every price range.

Lifestyle is also a very wide subject so we like to include a good mix of ideas and prices. For example, we talk about travel and include luxury trips, as well as ideas on a budget. We also like sport and adventure and we include articles and interviews about that.

Charity (an overused but important word) is also featured, but we make sure we monitor who is proposing it, and that everybody we interview (and  claims to be a philantrophist) really contributes to help.

We  stay away from those who use charity as a status symbol or offer us money to talk about something we are not convinced about.

In charity matters, we only ask for achievable contributions everybody can help with, for  example to read about something, have a think about it and maybe help to spread the word. Nobody should feel they are not good enough or not rich enough.

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