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Best Swiss Influencers / Instagrammers 2021

Roger, Pfäffikon

Who are the best Swiss influencers? And bloggers?

Beatrice Lessi

Who are the best Swiss influencers 2021 ? You will find the chart of best bloggers here.

The best influencers on Instagram, instead, can be easily ranked by the number of their followers. The following chart is about people who have mostly real followers (there is always a small percentage of inactive profile or bots, in a big account, and of course many non-swiss people), and the people I didn’t include were not forgotten: I simply checked some of their followers and saw too many fake ones.

For a little guide on how to spot fake followers, read point n.8 on this article.

Here are the best Swiss Influencer son Instagram:

  1. The Fashion Fraction 465k
  2. 2. Kevin Lütolf, 400k3.
  3. Sindi Arifi, 321k
  4. Steven Epprecht, 290k
  5. Anja Zeidler, 278k
  6. Cristina Gheiceanu 238k
  7. Zoe Pastelle, 231k
  8. Sara Leutenegger, 137k
  9. Ronja Furrer, 66k
  10. Minea Suraja, 65.3k

Top 5 Travel and Photography

Best swiss influencers 2021

  1. Senna Relax, 1.5 m
  2. Switzerland.vacation, 907k
  3. My Switzerland, 652k
  4. Michelephotographych, 421k
  5. KitKat, 285k




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