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Birthday Belt

Thomas, Copenhagen

I need advice to buy a belt for my girlfriends birthday.

She likes wide belts. She loves brown leather and uses light jeans a lot.. She is of slim-to-normal build.

Beatrice Lessi

Belts are big these days, metaphorically and in real terms. We are right in the middle of Fashion Month so this is a good moment to see what’s trending. I suggest you go for a logo-ed, recognisable belt, keep the receipt, and tell your girlfriend to get a more understated one if she doesn’t like it. But I double she’ll change it.

Here is a gallery of the pieces that are sure to last for a while in your girlfriend’s closet.

The Gucci double G is a new classic, worn by almost every celebrity. Photo: pinterest

Chiara Ferragni goes for the bolder version and wears it while pregnant. . Photo: pinterest

A real classic that never goes out of fashion: the Hermes belt. . Photo: wenn.com

No letters, but a Hermes classic. Photo: pinterest.com

The famous double C, by Chanel. . Photo: pinterest

The Fendi, colorful way. Photo: @CDlaneve

Vuitton black and white. Photo: pinterest.com


Vuitton initials for another classic belt. . Photo: pinterest