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College Farewell


I just want to check for a college farewell which shirt will look best white, black or matte / shiny grey with plain black suit. Its urgent.

Beatrice Lessi

A College farewell is a good moment to dress up – after all you’ll meet many people that are important to you, and you’ll be photographed and featured online. So what to wear?

White Shirt

The white shirt is always option n.1 and no, it’s not boring. If the cut of the whole outfit is good and flatters you, nothing can beat it. Right now the most common option is to wear it without a tie, but feel free to experiment: it’s so classic, that it allows you a lot of variations.

college farewell

Timeless, perfect for a farewell. Photo:

Black Shirt

A black shirt is perhaps younger and trendier. All black looks wonderful, provided the fit is excellent – no bulky clothes, or you’ll look like a mafioso from the 90’s.

college farewell

Keep the fit perfect. Photo:

Grey Shirt

Another lovely variation that can be both shiny or matte. Perfect for the young gentleman.

college farewell

One of my personal fashion icons: Johannes Huebl. Photo:


There is no fixed rule, so you need to think on how you feel most at ease and how you want to show yourself. Classic and timeless? Then go for white. Young and trendy? Black. More experimental or into fashion? Then grey is the answer.