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How To Advertise Lingerie

Georgina, Zug

Society has changed, #metoo is a popular hashtag, Victoria's Secret sells less and overtly sexy ads are less effective. So How do you think that lingerie brands should advertise, in the new era?

Beatrice Lessi

My job is often about advertising: product placement is part of a blogger’s life. With Geri, we try to keep lingerie assignments  elegant. We work regularly with Intimissimi, that has featured the theme of empowered women as is trying to keep up with the new trends.

Showing skin, in my opinion, is totally ok. How to do it tastefully? Difficult to define, or find a scientific formula. In general, we try not to portray a sexual object offering itself, and to create an elegant, classy image. A woman relaxing, coming back home after a long day, having some fun…whatever isn’t too overtly sexual.

Here are some images we took for Intimissimi – you’ll find some videos on @gefficiel or @intimissimiofficial