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How to design your own line – it’s easier than you think

Roger, Zurich

I have seen your personalised bike kit on Instagram, where you said that everybody can design their own line. How does that work, is it expensive?

Beatrice Lessi

If you order a minimum of five pieces with Scatta (they can be also two for you and three for your partner, friend or kids, for example), you can design your very own sport line at no extra cost.

Scatta’s speciality is biking, but I personally ordered also some gym outfits, running top and trousers, and two pieces for yoga.

Here is the procedure: you choose the items you want, go through their colours and tell them (in person, in Rothusstrasse 21, 6331 Hüneneberg, or online) your idea. They will come back to you with a first proposal and different options. In my case, I then decided to include my sponsors, so I emailed them my choice and  sent them the logos: Save the Children Suisse, On Running and Swiss Deluxe Hotels. They added those to the designs and showed me the positioning, and final overall look. I liked it immediately so there was no further back and forth.

Three weeks later, a box arrived, and I felt like a child opening the big Christmas gift! (By the way, this is the perfect present for people who have it all, or people who love something truly original).

Here is the first result: the biking kit. Quality is extremely high and fit very comfortable.

I will photograph some more pieces soon – follow me here or on Instagram for updates.

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