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Long Neck

Maria, Bucharest

Message Body: Hei! I, girl, have a long neck. What can I do to hide this fact? (Hair, clothes, accessories)

Beatrice Lessi

First of all: I always wanted a long, Botticelli style neck, so I really encourage you to love your neck the way it is!

Now back to your question.

Solid Colors and Lines

Visually, one solid color in a line elongates the body. So a naked leg with nude open shoes, for example, will make your leg look longer. Similarly, a deep plunge makes your neck look longer. Try to avoid this effect by interrupting the visual line with anything that breaks it: more fabric, a scarf, different colors, patterns.

High Neck Jumpers

High neck jumpers are obviously another way to cover up a long neck. You can find them very easily in winter, but there are also lovely summer versions with short sleeves.


Finally, long hair: it can also “hide” or at least cover up your neck partly. Happy styling!