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The Pink Flamingo

Lara, Uri

I see so many pictures on inflatable flamingos, icecreams etc. Don't you find them tacky? Is this the Summer 17 top accessory?

Beatrice Lessi

No, there is no trend we all should wear or accept blindly – the inflatable Summer toys make no exception. But it’s true: the  rubber flamingo has been seen everywhere this year, online and offline. Ice creams, swans, water melons and rainbows have been transformed into floating beds too, and have graced infinity pools, beaches and Instagram stories.

We have featured the Migros pink flamingo and kept an eye on how people photographed them in beautiful locations. If you don’t find the trend elegant, just ignore it. For all those who, instead, like it: don’t ever leave the toys behind. Plastic is bad for environment so please bring it back home and make sure you keep water, nature and pools clean.

This ice cream and the flamingo in the cover photo are by Migros. Photos: @aenymblaze and @gefficiel

Vintage feeling for this inflatable mouth. Photo: pinterest.com

A whole range of floating food. Photo: pinterest.com

Minea with her Migros swan. Photo: @aenymblaze

Kendall Jenner. Photo: pinterest.com

Water melons on the water. Photo: pinterest.com

This rainbow is by Selfridges. Photo: Sefridges.com