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The Suprising Trend Swiss Bloggers Wear at Home

Marika, Boston

The current situation has changed the style we wear at home - less sloppy I would say, because people work more from their house, meet others virtually and get seen at different times of the day. How are the trends in Switzerland?

Beatrice Lessi

Being at home and working from there means we need to be casual but styled and put up from the start of our day. Personally I would have expected dark colours to dominate the home outfits, or denim or anything extremely practical. However, Swiss bloggers are showing a clear preference for cream, nude and light tones. Either just a comfortable sweater (like Alexandra Lapp is wearing in the cover picture), or a whole outfit in white or light shades seem to make us feel better and more relaxed.

Below, a gallery of current images from Instagram – don’t forget to check Funky Forty! 🙂


Christa Rigozzi


Antonella Patitucci


Luisa Rossi


Funky Forty


Entre Dois

Sindi Arifi

Beneath the Coat