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Wasp Waist

Aya, Chicago

I have heard that if you have a waist, I should accentuate it. But my waist is almost too narrow, so tight fitting clothing makes it look unnatural, as if I am wearing a corset or missing some ribs. It helps to create an illusion of a figure, as I have no boobs or hips whatsoever, but showing off my waist is off-putting to some. They think its weird or gross to have such a narrow waist. I also feel as though it makes my shoulders look wider. Any tips on this? Should I just hide it?

Beatrice Lessi

The whole point here is how you feel about your waist: you are saying that it helps to accentuate your figure and make your body looks fuller, but it also makes your shoulders look wide. Personally I would like that effect, but what about you?

Forget about what people say, as a small percentage of people are always ready to criticise, whatever you do. Be respectful and kind and wear whatever you fancy.

I guess the best is being proud of your body and not hiding it. That doesn’t mean wearing super tights clothes, since that would require being very motivated about showing off.

The recent Fashion Weeks proposed a lot of figure-hugging outfits. Go for loose fabrics gently showing your shape, avoid bandage dresses and built in belts. Here some example of gentle styles.

Wide shoulders and tiny waist – but not too extreme. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Gently around your body, by Jacquemus. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Show it – but don’t accentuate it. Burberry at the London fashion week. Photo: vogue.co.uk

Patterns soften contrasts down. Photo: vogue.co.uk