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Wear the Same Dress Over and Over, Like Men Do

Juliet, Schwyz

Livia Firth, whose savvy and challenging Instagram is followed by 65k people, just posted a quote "Why Arianna Huffington Wears the Same Dress Over and Over (and You Should, Too)". What do you think about it? You wear different dresses all the time.

Beatrice Lessi

Finding Your Uniform

I had already answered to a similar question and still believe that it’s ok to wear the same outfits many times. After all, for men it’s normal. Why should we be seen in a different outfit all the time? It’s true that we have a more diverse choice than men, but this isn’t a reason to live in a constant rat race to prove we have a lot of money and clothes. A personal uniform, style or repeated fashion choice is a sign of confidence, self-knowledge and also helps to feel comfortable. That’s why people like Mark Zuckerberg do it. We should do it too.

Typical Marissa Meyer: the black, simple, short or middle-sleeved dress. Photo: pinterest

#30 Wears

Personally, I always loved to buy good pieces and keep them for years. Sometimed I use the hashtag “30 wears” on my Instagram to underline that the piece has been worn again and again.

I started to research about this idea when I noticed that Anna Wintour, for example, is addicted to her Manholo Blahnik mules.

Anna Wintour wears her Manolos over and over again. Photo: eonline.com

Wintour changes dress, but not her style – or shoes. Photo: eonline.com


Another reason to stick to a style and repeat it is to be more efficient. Less time, less money, less planning, less thinking, and less comments from outside – after a while, people become accustomed to a style.

Typical Amal: white top and dark suit. Photo: pinterest.com

Sustainable and Practical

A final reason to wear what you feel like, without being afraid of people judging you, is that buying less and better is more sustainable. Higher quality means that you are not buying items that are damaging children or workers to keep the price low. And that you’ll have more space in your closet too.

Angelina Jolie often wears black on her official assignments. Photo: pinterest.com