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What to Wear for a Zoom Meeting

Beatrice Lessi

One of the basic principles of living a reasonably happy quarantine is – one knows it intuitively – taking care of themselves and giving the message “I haven’t given up”. Even NASA, that has a decade of experience in keeping astronaut isolated/living in small places for a long time, has suggested 5 rules to live well in isolation, including one about self care. 

However, it’s a fact that we all know how our situation has changed dramatically, recently. Home is the new office, and, in many cases, it will be so even when we’ll be allowed to go back.

Bottom line: being more casual is totally allowed. Wearing excessively formal attire while being at home looks strange, and fake. A neat sporty look, or a simple jumper in neutral color is what we see Swiss influencers seem to favour, as you can see in the gallery below.

Find your balance, be easy, present yourself well and don’t try too hard. Happy “home office”!

Alexandra Lapp

Antonella Patitucci

Elvira Le Grand