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Where to Shop in Switzerland

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Where are the best places to shop in Switzerland? And your favourites in Zurich?

Beatrice Lessi

I assume you are enquiring about fashion. Personally I love luxury, so I always look for outlets and second-hand shops for good bargains too.

If I want to see where the trend is, to me nothing beats Grieder, in Zurich. The whole area of Banhofstrasse is anyway a pleasure for the fashion eyes, but very expensive.

Here are my preferences in Zurich.

Best Luxury Store in Zurich


One of the luxury stores in Foxtown

Best Second Hand for Luxury

Luxury Shops

Best Outlet in Zurich

Trois Pommes

Trois Pommes is in Seefeldstrasse 463

Best Outlet in Switzerland


Best Shops in Switzerland

Here is a general shopping guide by Time Out you might want to consult.