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Horoscope 2021 and hotparade

Beatrice Lessi

Every year I read the Grazia Italy horoscope – my favourite – because it’s always positive and general enough to give a quick view of the months ahead. The hotparade is centred on love, and on how you’ll get on with other signs, especially from a personal point of view.


Aries: Finally free!

2021 is such a release: you’ll be able to plan your present and future the way you wish, free from all the worries of the past years. Saturn will give you a rational, solid base. Stability will  help you in love, business and family. Jupiter will spend the next year in optimistic Aquarius, for the first time in 12 years. This is great news and will bring you that luck you’ve been missing.


Passion is likely with another Aries (and business too). Sensual relationships are best with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. If you fall in love with one of these, there’s a good chance of a solid future together. You will solve some problems you had with Cancer. With Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces you’ll experience more mixed feelings.

Taurus: Rollercoaster ahead

A delicate year of important decisions. Keep open and flexible to go quickly back to your beloved stability. In May you’ll have a release from pressure and Jupiter will really help you – especially to trust your instinct and intuitions.


Finally  some good relationships with Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces. With them you’ll be flirting, going back to love a second time around (if they were old loves) or  start a new love. Positive and stable relationships in family, love and friendships with Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn. Ups and downs with Taurus and Aries. Open war and tension with Lion and Scorpio.



Gemini: Stability, Charm and a Great Year Ahead. You’ll be able to feel stable and confident while making big important changes that will affect your life or business. Neptune might cause confusion, but Saturn in Aquarius will help you to regain your calm and rationality.


You’re witty, sensual, intelligent and stable this year…how not to adore you? Those who will fall more for you will be Aries, Gemini, Lion and Scorpion. Good but more neutral the relationship with Taurus, Virgo and Libra. Some tensions with Cancer, Sagittarius and Pisces.




Cancer: Trampoline to happiness

After years of heaviness, 2021 will finally have the right combination to make you feel light, agile and ready to succeed. It’s really the light at the end of the tunnel. Uranus and Neptune will be with you all year round to re-build what’s needed, and to help you with a bit of luck.


 Taurus, Cancer, Libra will give you strong emotions, happiness and stability. Pleasant relationships with Aries (finally!), Libra, Scorpion and Capricorn. More complex with Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius, you’ll be puzzled by them at times and won’t know how to handle them. Disappointing and rather negative relationships with Aquarius and Pisces.





Leo: More flexibility needed

This year you’ll need to expect less and be more diplomatic, when required. Being honest is great, but it can have some bad consequences. Your strength is also known and recognised – don’t overuse it, and be prepared to compromise.


Gemini will know exactly how to handle you, please you and also say no when necessary. Libra and Sagittarius will also have a great role in your year. Virgo and Pisces will have a good influence on you, but will be more passive so less interesting in your eyes. Be careful with Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Lion, Scorpion and Capricorn: trouble ahead!

Virgo: Time to discover your romantic side 

Even the most conservative of you will enjoy some change and renewal. Careful in June and July, when you might be less objective in judging what might need to be changed. Uranus and Pluton will help you and guide you. Overall, your private relationships will shine.


Your personality and the planets in 2021 will let you enjoy great relationships with many other signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. For physical attraction and romantic moments, Libra and Capricorn will be your favorite. Ups and downs with Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces. Trouble ahead with Scorpio and Sagittarius.




Libra: Appointment with happiness

After the heaviness of the past years, a feeling of lightness will arrive. But stability and strength will also be great allies of your year ahead. Job and career might have a big boost, also economically. Careful not to become too busy  –  find time for yourself.


Everybody will be looking for you and trying to get your attention, this year, but those who will manage it best will be Taurus, Gemini and Aquarius. If sensual passion and strong emotions are what you’re looking for, then Aries, Cancer, Lio, Libra and Virgo will be the right ones. Big positive surprises ahead with them. Ups and downs with Sagittarius and Capricorn, and negative vibes with Scorpio and Pisces.


Scorpio: A challenging but surprising year

Balancing your emotional and practical needs will be challenging at times. However, you will only need to stop at times, reflect and use your intuition, to get to great results. Your love life might really surprise you with changes and love(s) at first sight. May to July are the best moments for important decisions.


Your heart will be like a labyrinth this year: challenging to find the way out! Signs that will be intelligent and flexible enough to handle you well are Gemini, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you are looking for stability and no troubles (but also no big passion), choose Cancer and Capricorn. Ups and downs – not too bad but with some really heated discussions – with Aries, Taurus, Lio, Libra and Virgo.


Sagittarius: Let destiny surprise you

Smile to the future – Saturn and Jupiter are on your side and will help you to realise your goals, in whatever fields they might be. You will have it so good, that you might risk to become almost  too naive and optimistic, so keep grounded and don’t take people for granted. Good moment from mid May to July, and then in December, when Jupiter will be on your side.


Love, passion and strong emotions are likely with Taurus, Leo and Sagittarius. Good friendship and relaxed relationships with Aries, Aquarium and Pisces. Ups and downs, and some discussions, with Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio.



Capricorn: Times of change and tenderness

You are very rational and practical, so the experiences of the past year might have left you negative and disillusioned. But you have been able to grow and treasure some experiences, so you’ve also developed and now it’s time to advance and feel confident. Changes ahead, but in a good way.


You’ll get on with almost every other sign, but in particular with Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces. In the past year, you had problems with Aries and Libra, but it’s time to give them a second chance – things look good. Difficult relationship with Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius. The absolute best experiences will be with Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius.


Aquarius: So many new things!

Your strong presence will be felt the whole 2021 – you’ll be the main actor both in good and not so good moments. Careful not to act without thinking, just because others feel your strength. Focus and use your energy for what’s necessary, and careful because there could be a big unexpected event ahead.


Attractions, kisses (sometimes secret ones),  emotional rollercoaster but also great friendships with be likely with Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius. Nice and balanced relationships with Libra and Sagittarius. Sometimes difficult, but never disappointing: Taurus, Lio and Virgo. Problems and fights with Gemini, Cancer and Pisces.



Pisces: Stop and go

Wait, reflect, then act: the year ahead will bring you a lot of advantages. Change and renewals will happen because you won’t be discouraged by difficulties and will keep on going. Your incredible empathy will be one of your biggest resources.


Stable, serene relationship with Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. They will bring you great progress in love, friendship or even work. For unexpected passion and sensual emotions, Taurus and Pisces will be the signs to watch. Ups and downs with Aires, Gemini and Virgo. Difficult relationships with Cancer, Libra and Aquarius.