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I Have Finally Stopped Buying Miniskirts

Beatrice Lessi

At What Age Should You Stop Buying Miniskirts?

This is one of the fashion questions people ask me most, and I have always answered, more or less: never. Provided you feel comfortable and at ease, of course. And up to now I have kept wearing them. But last week something happened.

Shopping Change

While in Mallorca for a training camp, I went to an outlet with  my family. My daughters were looking at cropped tops, high-waist trousers and minidresses. For the first time, I felt they looked good for them only, and not for me anymore.

Show Your Legs

That doesn’t mean I am hiding my legs from now on. I will still use the short skirts I own, until I feel uncomfortable – who know when that will happen? I will still wear shorts for sport or casual looks. I will still shorten dresses if they are too long for me, because I am tiny and find middle length difficult for my body. So I’m not changing my whole style from one day to the other – I am only following my instinct and buying differently from now on.

If you feel like showing your legs, do it. I will do it forever, at least until I feel good about it (and that will happen for a long time, especially in Summer, informal occasions and in winter with thick tights). But I will stop buying miniskirt so I’ll gradually adapt my style to how I now feel.

Fashion should flatter our body and make us feel beautiful, and all other theoretic rules should be ignored. If you are in doubt, ask the people you love. Listen. And then do what you bloody like!

Keep looking fabulous and having fun at life,