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Karma Giveaway – Meeting Winners In The Rituals Flagship Store

Beatrice Lessi

One of the biggest pleasures of being a blogger? Giving prizes and meeting their winners. Happy faces, surprised smiles, good vibes: this is what we experienced yesterday in the new Rituals Flagship Store in the middle of Zurich, in the shopping area of Banhofstrasse.

We gave away some bestsellers that we also personally use and love: beauty products of the Karma collection. They have a beautiful package, unbeatable quality, silky feeling, and they are perfect for a present. Thank you to all our readers, followers and to the people who have been supporting us since day number one (some of them were there yesterday), and thank you to Rituals Cosmetics for giving us this opportunity!

beatrice geri rituals shop

With and Amanda and Milena, who won by answering what Karma means to them. Thank you girls!

bea geri winners rituals

With winner Joanna – a great person and wonderful Ask the Monsters supporter!

beatrice winners rituals

Pam and Sorem. two winners who supported Ask the Monsters from day number one: thank you guys!

bea winners rituals

With Yvonne or Funkyforty.com : also a lovely groupie of ours! And we are her groupies too!

winners rituals

Bea, Pam and Geri.

winners rituals bea geri

With Stephan, who won by answering the Karma question, but above all by bringing lovely Shila – she won everybody’s hearts

rituals winners

Bags and bags of Karma products!


rituals winners bea geri

With winner Valentina

geri bea rituals shop

With Mira, our favourite marketing girl and guru!


karma rituals

Karma products – perfect gifts and perfect for yourself

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