Lumas Zurich art gallery presents Gabo erotic photo
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At Lumas Zurich, Is A Woman The Next Helmut Newton?  

Beatrice Lessi

Glamour photo exhibitions in Zurich and erotic photos are back, and one of the best examples of this form of art is German photographer GABO. Specialised in portraits – she has photographed, among others, celebrities like Yoko Ono, Angelina Jolie, Eric Clapton and Kevin Kostner – Gabriele Oestreich (this is her real name) has made herself a name in the international scene of photography. Geri and I have seen some of her work at Lumas Zurich, the world’s leading gallery for limited editions art photography. We especially like the combination of erotism and elegance of her beautiful Lumas photography.

Geri in front of one of the super sensual pictures by Gabo at Lumas Gallery Zurich

Geri in front of one of the sensual pictures by Gabo. “Yes, hallo” – GABO,

Gabo photographer at Lumas Art Gallery in Zurich

Siesta, GABO,

Ex Model – A Lumas Zurich Artist

Being an ex model, Gabo has always been very aware of the fact that the photography world is male-dominated (and not always so respectful). Her approach?

In my opinion caring for people’s soul is essential. While working with young models I try to listen to what they have to say.

(From an interview for

erotic photos of Gabo at Galerie Lumas in Zurich

Gabo at work. Photo:

A Sense For People And Light- Lumas Art

GABO is the most famous of German photographers.You can see her art at one of the most important art galleries in Zurich: Lumas Art Gallery. Her sense of understanding people, making them feel at ease and showing them as they see themselves is one of her strengths.

Also, her special touch for light, for staging funny or dramatic scenes, catching people in a playful moment,  and showing women’s body at their best made her known first in Germany (when she was published by Stern magazine for some pictures of Herbert Grönemeyer) and then internationally (she has been published by Vogue, Playboy and many more).

Theatrical, powerful, flirty, dramatic or gentle: Gabo’s photography is the perfect combination of beauty and elegance. You will find her photos at Lumas Zurich.

Ride on of Gabo at Lumas Art Gallerie Zurich

“Ride on”, GABO,

Beatrice at Lumas Gallery Zurich in front of Gabo Photo

Hallo, pronto?

Erotic pictures of Gabo german photographer at Lumas Gallery Zurich

erotic pictures of Gabo at Lumas Art Gallerie in Zurich

“Yes, Hallo”,