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Luxury and Sustainability: Finally! Welcome to Eco-age

Beatrice Lessi

Sustainable Fashion Awards

Italy launched the first eco-sustainable fashion awards last night at La Scala theatre. A glamorous ceremony filled with the most important Italian personalities in the fashion industry (from Giorgio Armani to Miuccia Prada, from Pierpaolo Piccioli of Maison Valentino to Alessandro Michele of Gucci) was organised by Livia Firth of Eco-Age , and by Camera della Moda with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and the patronage of the Municipality of Milan. What is the point of the Award?

Wear It Again

I admit: I follow Livia Firth (who is also, among the many other things, Colin Firth‘s wife) and love what she’s doing. She shows real stories of real people. She wears her own old clothes. She gives practical tips. One of them : don’t be afraid of being seen in the same outfit twice on Instagram! Sounds easy – it’s not, especially for a lot of young people.

So when I heard about the Green Carpet Award I thought there must be something good about it, but…how exactly?

A Really New Idea

The focus is on environmental and social sustainability (what we might term Total Sustainability) and the bringing together of Italy’s greatest designers, luxury design houses and emerging designers. This has not been done before. (Eco Age)

Each fashion house has partnered with Eco-Age in collaboration to create a bespoke look that responds to the GCC® Principles of Sustainable Excellence, exemplifying “Made in Italy”.

This doesn’t mean that everything that is currently produced is sustainable – but it’s a great, practical step towards it. It’s a real beginning.

Why Luxury?

I love luxury – I was always fascinated by great quality and glamour, especially in fashion. I am constantly saving money to get a fashion item I like. And I also stop buying a brand when I don’t like its ethical/environmental behaviour – but instead of stopping buying, why don’t we try to fix it?

The alliance between Italian producers and luxury fashion is economically important. Decent livelihoods and real producer careers, from ateliers to farming are provided for through this value chain. This is sustainability at its most fundamental. If someone finally regulates the industry and we all have a guarantee that things are done properly, the system and the world will profit immensely.

Gisele Bündchen received the Vogue Eco Laureate Award at the Green Carpet. Photo: eco-age.com

eco age green carpet award

The prize, by Chopard – a brand that advocates sustainable luxury. Photo: ecoage.com

eco age green carpet award

Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Alessandro Michele at La Scala. Photo: @cameramoda