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Beatrice Lessi

Milan Fashion Week Street Style Spring 2016

It’s our first Fashion Week ever – we never joined one before. And hey, we love it! The crowds, the shows, the street style, the dressing up, the Milan graffiti, the Vespas and great food, the gay men, the models, the serious buyers…we feel like children in a candy shop and we can’t stop checking all the looks.

Suede coat: Comma Fashion. Phone by Sony

Suede coat: Comma Fashion. Phone by Sony

Monsters And Paparazzi

The cherry on the cake? The attention we get. Try walking fast on cobblestones in towering high boots – especially trying to understand your Google maps and laughing at how you bad you are at it – all dressed up, in the middle of tourists and fashion week guests: everybody looks at you.  Mobile phones and cameras materialise like out of nowhere, and tens of people take pictures of you while pretending of doing something different. Paparazzi have changed style, but they are still fun to observe indeed. Our favourite photographer? Adrian Rosu of arosuphoto.com .


Lunch at Tartufi & Friends

We had heard many times about Tartufi & Friends – the fashion world knows very well where trending venues are and a lot of our friends suggested us to go and visit. After a delightful meal and a chat with the staff we met the CEO, Angelo Sermoneta, who – surprise surprise – comes from the fashion and luxury industry too. His new passion, Tartufi & Friends, is shared by his son and the two of them worked together to bring it to its incredible success: the restaurant just opened in London (in Harrods) and is going to open in Dubai and Frankfurt too. We will visit again for sure.

Don’t Spill Champagne On My Phone….

…just because it’s waterproof! Yes, the Sony Xperia doesn’t mind a little water, but please keep the champagne for drinking. Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 is not finished yet and we will take more pics – let’s keep the phone dry.


Don’t spill champagne on my phone just because it’s waterproof! Bracelet and ring by Swarosvski.

Kristina Bazan

We met Kristina Bazan of Kayture, one of our fav blogs ever: an inspiration for us, both as a business woman and as a fashion icon.


Kristina Bazan with the Monsters. Dostinja wears a M by MAIOCCI skirt.

Street Style Spring 2016

It’s fun to be part of it, and like in a game of mirrors we took pictures of people taking pictures of us…with a mirrored phone! Our new Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has a mirrored surface and the fastest auto focus of all mobile phones, so we were faster than anybody else.

Head Over Heels About The Boys

If you think you have already met well dressed, cool and chatty Italians, think again. The boys we met today just topped them all. We sat for a photo and a short chat and we were in awe at their fashion choices and kindness too.

With the charming Italian boys

With the charming Italian boys

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 is not finished yet; we have one last day. So keep following us and some more pics and a recap will come. Milano fashion is…molto bella!