Pirelli Calendar 2019
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Naked Girls or Not? The Pirelli Calendar 2019

Beatrice Lessi

Men Men Men

Last night Pirelli unveiled its 2019 calendar in Zurich, at a party in Samsung Hall attended by…a lot of men! Yes, I had to smile when I saw all girls standing at the wall and red carpet to take pictures and almost avoiding the cars, and about five hundred men dressed in a dark suit, staring at a Lamborghini or enjoying drinks and networking (many representatives of the car industry regularly meet at this event). This field is for sure still men-dominated.

Pirelli Calendar 2019

A lot of men enjoying cars, photos and networking at the Pirelli Night in Zurich

The Pirelli Naked Girls

Traditionally, the Pirelli calendar has featured very sensual pictures of half naked or fully naked women. I must confess: I adore many of them and find them iconic. Most are elegant or extravagant, but rarely vulgar or diminishing.

In the age of #metoo and political correct media, I guess the crew behind the calendar understood that going again for very sexy content can be risky. They chose the theme “dreaming” and featured 4 stories of 4 different women – together with a partner or friend. In my opinion, the final images are beautiful. But of course sensuality is still there, and wonderful bodies are shown too.

Pirelli Calendar 2019

Gisele Bündchen in an iconic photo of the Pirelli 2006 calendar

Some Pictures of the Pirelli Calendar 2019

Photographer Albert Watson photographed four women

  • Gigi Hadid (with Alexander Wang as a friend)
  • Misty Copeland (with Clavin Royal III as dancing partner)
  • Laetitia Casta (with Sergei Polunin)
  • Julia Garner (with Astrid Eika as her model)
Pirelli Calendar 2019

Gigi Hadid

Pirelli Calendar 2019

Laetitia Casta and Sergei Polunin

Pirelli Calendar 2019

Misty Copeland

Pirelli Calendar 2019

Gigi Hadid

Julia Garner and Astrid Eika

Pirelli Calendar 2019

Mistin and Calvin

Pirelli Calendar 2019

Julia Garner

My Outfit

I am wearing a Brusnika cocktail dress and an IWC Da Vinci Moonphase 36 with diamonds.

pirelli 219



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