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Perfect Selfies With The App That Made 18 Ml In Two Years – Facetune

Beatrice Lessi

Look Perfect In Every Picture

Facetune is Photoshop for your iPhone without the headache of Photoshop. Would you also like if all your pictures and selfies could be quickly edited to make your face look perfect? Flawless skin, white teeth, and no apparent filter used; that’s what Facetune can provide. It’s a a perpetual member on the App Store’s best-selling apps list and costs $3 to $4.

Perhaps the coolest part of Facetune is the fact that while it is as powerful as the best photo editing apps out there, it is fully optimized for the mobile touch experience. Using a finger swipe motion, you can edit the picture in real-time all without losing one pixel.


Supermodel selfie – you ca do it with Facetune. Photo: pinterest.com

The Origin

The startup Lightricks was founded in Israel in 2013 by five co-founder friends, four of them PhDs studying computer graphics, or as the company’s CEO Zeev Farbman described it to us: “computational photography.”

Their best-selling apps Facetune and Enlight help you edit photos on mobile devices and have already generated “millions of dollars in profitable revenue” for the company, Farbman told Business Insider.

Facetune has 4.5 ml customers. The new app, Enlight, has also already nabbed over 1 million customers, at $5 a pop, for their new full image editing app. (Another $5-ish million in revenue.)


Whiten your teeth, remove blemishes, make your eyes brighter – all without losing a pixel. Photo: huffingtonpost.com

Will They Be Bought Soon?

According to Business Insider, this small company is headed for a big exit, perhaps an acquisition by Apple or Facebook, because the team of PhD founders invented two valuable bits of technology far beyond its popular apps.

These are:

1) a graphics engine that helps cameras work better.

2) mobile advertising software used only by themselves, that helps them stay in the best-selling lists.

Maybe By Apple

Apple could a potential buyer: a big player in Israel, Apple likes to buy Israeli companies, too, like secretive flash memory company Anobit, acquired in early 2012 for $390 million, and movement sensor and former Microsoft Kinect partner PrimeSense, purchased by Apple in late 2013 for $300 million.

Maybe By Facebook

But Facebook loves Lightricks too. Its homegrown mobile ad prediction software system discovered that ads on Facebook mobile was the best way to grab new customers.

Co-founder Nir Pochter developed a system to advertise his app. Today his algorithm predicts exactly how much money he has to spend on ads to keep Facetune on the best-seller list, where it attracts even more customers.


Co-founder Nir Pochter has some precise projects for the future. Photo: linkedin.com

The Future

Pochter has been asked, many times, if he’s willing to sell the ad software as a product, too, but Lightricks isn’t considering that now, he tell us. They want to focus on computers graphics and don’t want to “get sidetracked” with developing and supporting an ad software product.