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Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Zurich Film Festival 2015 – Fitness…for us!

Beatrice Lessi


Arnold Schwarzenegger came to Zurich to receive the Golden Eye Award at the Zurich Film Festival 2015 and to present his new film, Maggie. He first walked the green carpet to greet people and talk to the press, then went to the cinema where the ceremony was held and accepted the prize. Yes: in Zurich, once a year, you can buy a normal cinema ticket and see the big star presenting it. The cinema is so small that the whole event almost feels intimate. But don’t be fooled: body guards are everywhere in the dark.

Schwarzenegger at the_Zurich-Film-Festival-2015-

Arnold Schwarzenegger arriving at the cinema to receive the Golden Eye Award from Nadja Schildknecht.

Schwarzenegger at the_Zurich-Film-Festival-2015

Triumph – as usual.

The Vibe

Even the normally calm and controlled Swiss audience went crazy – the whole city didn’t speak about anything else for at least two days before the event, and the moment the limousine opened and Arnie arrived people went mad. We were also totally overwhelmed and missed him on our first try, but would we ever give up?  Never! We run in high heels from one spot to the other until we finally caught him. A bit of fitness routine never hurts…


We monsters anyway have a problem in being confined to the press area only and we love mixing up with the audience waiting in the street. We also tend to wear much less than the average bystander, so we freeze regularly while waiting. But we love it. We met people coming from Germany, Austria, France and all parts of Switzerland just to see Arnie for a minute, and I don’t know how many times we’ve heard the sentence: “I have seen all his movies! I am his biggest fan!” Arnie is incredibly popular and truly inspires many people.

Schwarzenegger at the_Zurich-Film-Festival-2015

Luckily Dostinja has long arms!

The Press Area

Back to where we are assigned for the Schwarzenegger at the Zurich Film Festival 2015 event, even the journalists almost behaved like groupies – Schwarzenegger is an incredible magnet and everybody was attracted to him, us included. Dostinja is tall so she managed to take some really good pictures with her Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, and to take some videos too. I am definitely short, so I chose the strategy to go even lower to find a spot without heads covering up the scene. From there we both could have some minutes with Arnie.


Schwarzenegger at the_Zurich-Film-Festival-2015

Got him!

Back To Movies

I’ll be back : he always said it! So after seven years without making movies  while busy with politics, Schwarzenegger  explained why he went back to cinema.

Are you saying that politics is like acting? Actually it’s true, I learned something there! (Laughs) Look…I am very happy to be back to  entertaining  people. I have been in the public service for seven years and I love movies, so I will make many. I am a public servant and an actor.

Schwarzenegger at the_Zurich-Film-Festival-2015-

Talking to radios, televisions, and… monsters.

Schwarzenegger at the Zurich Film Festival 2015…

…Was an intense evening to say the least! We take a short break and we’ll be back!

Schwarzenegger at the_Zurich-Film-Festival-2015-

Who took better videos, Dostinja with the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, or Beatrice with the Xperia Z5 Compact? Me, me, me!