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Society Has Changed – Victoria’s Secret Hasn’t

Beatrice Lessi

Are Overtly Sexy Ads Selling Less?

I read this striking title about Victoria’s Secret on The Business of Fashion and it really got my attention. In times of #metoo and Cambridge Analytica investigations we are all a little bit less naive and more savvy about the whole advertising messages that are sent to us every single day.

And indeed, Victoria’s Secret sales are dropping. Even Bloomberg writes that Wall Street thinks VS has a panty problembecause numbers are clearly showing that women are buying less.

I thought about this and wondered: how should a lingerie campaign be done, today? Is political correctness killing the fun of a glamour brand?

I was interested in the point of view of someone who buys online all the time ; so I asked my three daughters – who are 14, 15 and 16 years old – what they think about it.


Mum…at the end they are selling panties. I don’t think they should be dressed for winter. It’s something else, that they should do

Says one of my daughters.

I am bored of the white skinny model, there should be more different types, ages, weight, attitude

Says another one.

Beautiful women can remain beautiful without looking at the camera like they are having sex that very moment

Says the third one.

Reachable Role Models

I also asked Geri what she thinks, and she gave me the Intimissimi example.

Intimissimi is introducing a different style. It’s doing a new campaign about empowered women. It is showing international models but also girls who are more like us, who are online, who work, study, have a very active day

She says.

Is #metoo Annoying You?

I have heard a lot of men complaining about the #metoo movement: it is too extreme, it is against men, now one cannot pay a compliment, and he might be accused of sexism.

While I agree that many cases could be exaggerated and extreme, I am happy about all these talks. Feminism still has a lot to achieve (how about equal pay, for example?) and really needs to be discussed over and over again.

So if women buy less Victoria’s Secret, I think advertisers should really ask themselves a couple of questions. Perhaps featuring a slightly more intelligent content can sell. And we can still buy beautiful lingerie while being equal.