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The 5 Beauty Products That Sold Out Immediately in 2015

Beatrice Lessi

Immediately sold out, controversy-sparking and extensively discussed: these 5 products (almost) went viral in 2015. For those of you who haven’t heard about them, here’s our list.

1.The World Fastest Manicure  – Spray

A nail polish you actually spray on? Seriously? Absolutely. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s new and one wonders how exactly it works – the answer is: by adhering to your base coat. The Nails Inc Paint Can costs £10 and, since its  tutorial video taught how to obtain the world fastest manicure, it sold out in the UK. Let’s wait for a second batch: all you can do right now it putting your name on a waiting list.


Fast, revolutionary, and spray! The new Nails Inc Paint Can. Photo: cosmopolitan.co.uk

2. Kylie’s Lip Kit

Though she admitted that she had lips injections, Kylie’s Jenner first three shades of liquid, matt lip-kit sold out in the internet in a matter of hours. A marketing genius, Kylie also challenged her fans to share photos of how they wear the products on Instagram using the hashtag #lipkitbykylie. The second batch also sold out quickly, so if you want to order one, put your name in Kylie’s website to be notified.


Kylie’s liquid lips sent the internet into a meltdown. Photo: mashable.com

3. Mac Cinderella Collection

Mac has teamed up with Disney’s Cinderella to create a collection that sold out almost immediately—and then went on sale on eBay for about five times its original price. Marketing buzz, or real quality? Probably both: the Mac products are among our favourites indeed.


Mac Cinderella collection: immediately sold out. Photo: allure.com

4. Drake’s lipstick by Tom Ford

Drake was honoured in Tom Ford’s Lips & Boys collection by having one shade named after him. The lipstick sold out within minutes when it went on sale Net-a-Porter, with no plans to restockYou can buy it on Ebay, at about  5 times more than the original price.


Drake shade, by Tom Ford. Photo: bet.com

5. Becca’s Champagne Pop Highlighter

In the first 20 minutes it was available on Sephora.com, the Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter sold a record-breaking 25,000 units. Velvety, ultrapigmented and created with the help of beauty vlogger Jaklyn Hill, this palette gives your skin an eye-catching glow without any visible glitter or shimmer particles.


A bubbly glow. Photo: budgetbeautyblog.com