most expensive wedding dresses
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The Most Expensive Wedding Dresses of All Time

Beatrice Lessi


If you like lavish marriages and like to read about the most popular celebrities (like me, more or less),  you might have wondered, sometimes, what some of those extravagant gowns and parties really cost. So when I stumbled over a Brides article with a chart of the most expensive dresses of all time, I decided to report the findings on the blog.

On the other hand, I am not totally sure the prices in the article are reliable: being a blogger, I know how many clothes and goods get offered or lent by brands in order to receive exposure. So I wonder if those gowns were actually paid, or in reality cost a fraction of the stated price.

Whatever the truth is, let’s have a tour of those amazing bridal dresses – and brides.

10. Jessica Biel

most expensive wedding dresses all time

The Giambattista Valli pink dress worn by Jessica Biel is said to cost 100’000 $. Photo:

9- Catherine Zeta-Jones

most expensive wedding dresses all time

Zeta-Jones wore a Christian Lacroix hand-beaded gown which reportedly costes 140’000 $. Photo:

8- Elizabeth Taylor

most expensive wedding dresses all time

Taylor’s 1950 wedding to Conrad Hilton (Paris and Nicky’s great-uncle) was sold at a London auction in 2013, for 187’931 $ Photo: Life magazine/Pinterest

7. Marie-Chantal Miller

most expensive wedding dresses all time

Miller wed Prince Pavlov in a Valentino number, which apparently cost 225’000 $. Photo: Getty images

6. Mariah Carey

Mariah split up before marrying her fiancé, so she burnt her “would have been” dress in a video. It was a Valentino, said to have cost 250’000 $.

5. Amal Clooney

most expensive wedding dresses

Amal’s dress was by Oscar de la Renta. It cost, apparently, 380’000 $. Photo:

4. Kate Middleton

most expensive wedding dresses

Kate’s dress was designed by Alexander McQueen and said to cost 434’000 $. Photo:

3. Kim Kardashian

most expensive wedding dresses

Kim in her Givenchy custom made dress. Price tag: 500’000 $. Photo: E entertainment

2. Victoria Swarovsky

most expensive wedding dresses

Over 500’000 crystals decorated Victoria’s dress. Estmated price tag: 1 million dollars. Photo:

  1. Angelababy

Dubbed “the Kim Kardashian of China”, Chinese star Angela Yeung (better known by her stage name, Angelababy) celebrated her wedding alongside 2’000 guests at the Shangai Exhibition Center. She wore Elie Saab haute couture for her pre-wedding celebration, and custom-made Dior for the ceremony. The price of the dress is not known, but the total price of the wedding was 31 million $, so it’s fair to assume hers was the most expensive dress every worn by a bride.

most expensive wedding dresses

The pre wedding dress, by Elie Saab. Photo: Elie Saab’s Instagram

most expensive wedding dresses

The most expensive dress of all times. Photo: (Dior)