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The World’s Hottest Math Teacher

Beatrice Lessi

How He Went Viral

Italian model and mechanical engineering PhD Piero Boselli, aged 27, was branded the “world’s sexiest maths teacher” earlier this year by newspapers and magazines around the world after one of his students at University College London discovered his 6ft 1in lecturer’s Instagram account, which has now amassed more than half a million followers, and has plenty of images of him in varying states of undress, tweeted: ‘That moment when you realise your maths lecturer is a top designer model.’ His post went viral and, since then, Boselli has been hugely in demand.


Not your average teacher – And Piero’s students don’t shy away from posting his pictures online. Photo: telegraph.co.uk

He First Tried to Hide his Modelling Career

In an interview with the Times, Boselli said that when he was trying to establish himself as a teacher, he didn’t want to include his work for fashion companies such as Abercrombie and Fitch on his CV and was less than proud of his alternative career. He tried to keep his modelling a secret from his colleagues at the University College London (UCL) where he taught for fear they might ‘look down on him’.


Piero initially tried to hide his job as a professional model. Photo: guardian.co.uk

How he started

The fashion model was discovered at the age of six by renowned designer Giorgio Armani who saw potential and said he should be a model.
At age 16, his interest in mathemathic began. In his words:
What sparked my interest in science was a book I read, written by Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld, The Evolution of Physics. I remember reading the last page, and then sitting there with the book in my hands and having this sort of epiphany. I suddenly knew my future was going to be in science. I later chose engineering over maths.

Advantages and Disavadntages

Boselli has been widely celebrated for being the perfect mix of beauty and brains.
However, it seems such attention comes with a downside.
Writing in Grazia magazine, Boselli claimed he knows how Games of Thrones actor Kit Harington feels when he says he’s been ‘objectified’ by women.
Harington said recently: ‘To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning…in the same way as it is for women.’
Boselli said his rise to fame had seen women grab his bottom, which made him feel uncomfortable, adding: ‘If a guy did to a girl some of the things I’ve been subjected too, everyone would agree how out of line they were – yet it’s often accepted the other way around.


One of Pietro’s numerous fashion campaings. He has worked for Armani, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie, etc. Photo: guardian.com

Fitness Twice a Day

In an interview with F Tape he said he would be concentrating on ‘engineering, teaching maths and personal training’ if he was not modelling. To keep his amazing body, Boselli claims he trains two to three times a day.


Running on a mountain – the real cardio. Go to Instagram to see Paolo’s pictures while swimming, cycling, running or weight training. Photo: dailymail.co.uk