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Beatrice Lessi

Down-to-earth And Approachable

If you mix the American self-confidence and marketing abilities in any social situation, with the calm politeness and attention to the other that is typical of Swiss culture, you get Tommy Hilfiger.
The greatest people are the most approachable and the best listeners; Tommy Hilfiger threw a party last night in Zurich and, almost incredibly considered the amount of noise, people and media allover, took time to really talk and listen attentively to everybody who went to him. And to dance and take pictures too! When we approached him for a photo everybody found the courage to do the same, and he graciously gave time to every single person who asked.

When I was a little child, my Swiss grandmother told me stories about her country. I couldn’t afford to go and visit and it took me years before I could save the money for e skiing trip to St. Moritz. I liked it so much that I have been back every year, since. And now I plan to come to The Zurich Film festival every October… this is a new chapter of my life, he told us.

(All pictures are taken with our Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium).


Dostinja of Ask The Monsters, Tommy Hilfiger and Beatrice at the party.

The Tommy Hilfiger ZFF Party

It’s the second year of Hilfiger’s party for the ZFF, a set dinner followed by live music in the beautiful Restaurant Razzia. Live music was performed by Marlon Roudette.


The guest list included the Zurich Film Festival presenter and organizer Nadja Schildknecht; Tommy Hilfiger CEO Daniel Grieder; Mimi Mollerus of Maison Mollerus; ex Miss Switzerland Christa Rigozzi; CEO of Lindt & Sprüngli Ernst Tanner; model, photographer and style icon Johannes Huebl; Alexandra Lapp of Style Sandwich, director, cinematographer and producer Nick Brandestini, who won already twice at the ZFF.


Who do we love more, Johannes Huebl or his wife Olivia Palermo? Hard to decide…


Mimi Mollerus and Tommy Hilfiger.

Christa Rigozzi and the Monsters

Christa Rigozzi and the Monsters.


The Monsters with talented Nick Brandestini. A man who really loves cinema with all his heart – we could feel it!

Alexandra Lapp enjoys a talk with Tommy Hilfiger.

Alexandra Lapp enjoys a talk with Tommy Hilfiger.

The Vibe

Good food, good wine and good music are the perfect cocktail to relax, dance and let go. The guests didn’t shy away from laughing, dancing and…getting more drinks! Unfortunately, we had to leave early – but we’ll be back soon for the last evening of the ZFF; the Audience Award.


We are specialised in side entrances and side exists…going home to prepare for tomorrow, and to download the pictures taken with our Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. Dostinja is wearing a dress from Gassmann www.gassmannzuerich.ch/