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What Is The Secret Of Happiness?

Beatrice Lessi

I asked this question to three women I admire.

All three are Swiss and work in digital. All three are beautiful and full of positive energy. I invited them for a short chat in Zurich, and here’s what they answered.

Luisa Rossi

Luisa is a stylist, lifestyle expert and Yoga teacher. She cooperates with different Swiss media, is a vlogger and passionate about good food and fitness.

The secret of happiness? First of all to be happy yourself, then you can be happy with other people. It’s like a boomerang: if you give, it comes back. So work on yourself, give to others and it all comes back!

luisa rossi

With Luisa Rossi

Anita Buri

Anita is a presenter, model, ex Miss Switzerland, and digital entrepreneur.

There is no secret to be happy, when you know where to belong to and you feel accepted, you are happy. For my part, it’s my family and the people who mean a lot to me. They give me a lot, and they make me happy.

anita buri

Speaking with Anita

Mirjam Jaeger

Skier, model, presenter and digital entrepreneur, Mirjam is also mum to Louie, 11 months old.

The secret of happiness? I think it’s different for everybody. For me it’s having a family, a dog, my parents. To be completely happy, there has to be something that fulfills me, that I enjoy doing and I’m good at, to give me the satisfaction I need.

mirjam jaeger

With Mirjam Jaeger