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Why Haven’t You Been Told About the Best Online Shop in Switzerland?

Beatrice Lessi

Skyrocket your Style, with Zara Prices

If you are familiar with my Instagram, you might have noticed I tend to wear bright solid colours, figure-hugging dresses, and soft comfortable knits. I use my pieces again and again because I know my style and what fits me like a glove, and feel comfortable repeating and wearing them regularly. With three kids and a passion for traveling, my priorities are many…and fashion is is only one of them. So I shop on a budget and love good pieces that don’t break the bank.

My favourite brand? It’s Brusnika . I discovered it two years ago and got hooked to it for its freshness, variety, excellent price quality and…yes, because it can be very sexy too.

So why didn’t you know about their online store? Because it didn’t exist – it had just opened! To check it out, go to  Brusnika.ch

Below, a gallery of images. There is much more to browse, and actually I will do that myself as soon as I finish writing!