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Win The “Kommst Du?” T-shirt And Durex Intense Range

Beatrice Lessi

The Study

If you have read the recent Durex study about women and orgasm, you are familiar with the fact that female climax still seems to be a taboo subject. 60% of couples consider regular intercourse “rather routine”, two thirds of women don’t always reach orgasm, and 56% of them don’t like to talk about it with their partner.

The Campaign

Durex has launched an awareness campaign that promotes communication between partners, a healthy approach and a better sex life for everybody. Its motto? #orgasmsforall.  Its task this week? The Intense Range raffle. Do leave your email with us to win!

What You Win

Go to our Win Section and leave your email to win a kommst du? T-shirt and two products from the  Durex Intense Range:

Durex Intense Gel; a revolutionary clitoral stimulating gel that is designed for more intense orgasms. and

Durex Intense Condoms; a lubricated condom with stimulating gel that is designed to increase sensitivity of her intimate areas. Ribbed and dotted texture for additional stimulation.

Good Luck!

durex raffle


durex raffle

durex raffle