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Win a collection of body care products of Rituals cosmetics.

Beatrice Lessi

Would you like to win a box with unique body care products of Rituals Cosmetics?

rituals karma collection

The new Karma Collection by Rituals.

It’s pretty simple to win this luxury selection of rituals products. You need to answer the following question:

What does Karma mean to you?

Write us a comment on our Facebook page, or on our Instagram pages: @gefficiel or @askthemonsters. The 15 most creative answers will win a box of Rituals bath products, that will be waiting for you in Banhofstrasse 100, the 9th July 2016 (from 16:00 to 19:00) and will be given to you by us personally.

What does Karma Rituals mean to you?

What does Karma mean to you? Clothes by Rituals

geri rituals cosmetics home bed

Relaxing at home with Rituals products – Clothes by Rituals

The Prize:

The best answer will win a set of the limited edition of the new Karma collection by Rituals Cosmetics. The boxes will be available in the new Rituals Flagship Store in the centre of Zurich. We will offer you a personalised tour of the shop and will answer beauty questions.

geri karma rituals cosmetics body scrub

Smell, touch, feel – life is a Karma. Top and shorts by Rituals

What’s inside the box?

The Ritual Body Scrub of Karma

The Rituals Shower Foam of Karma

The Rituals Body Cream of Karma

The Rituals Bed & Body Mist of Karma

The Rituals Shower Oil of Karma.

rituals body products of karma

Luxurious, relaxing, natural: The Rituals of Karma.

See you soon!

bea bed rituals cosmetics

Ritualised – dressed by Rituals and covered in their products

Rituals karma cosmetics body product


geri rituals cosmetics blue

Blue top and shorts by Rituals

bea oil rituals cosmetics

Silky consistence pampering your skin

Geri in bed with Rituals cosmetics

geri rituals karma cosmetics

Tiffany blue products for the new Karma collection

Beatrice in the bed with Rituals body products