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5 Tips to Clean Your Body and Soul: The Ritual of Hammam

Germina Preses

Peace and Luxury

Hamman: a word that suggests the quiet luxury of an exotic location, where ancient tradition meets the needs of modern life. When I am having a particularly busy day I need to shut the door and find myself again – and I daydream of magically finding myself in such a place. You know what I’m doing these days? Moving flat and unpacking boxes. In the evenings, I need to cleanse from the stress and purify myself from the tension. My own refreshing ceremony is divided in 5 steps.


Step 1: Black Soap

The color and consistence of the Rituals Black Soap sends my senses to my personal Hamman: each purification starts with cleansing.

Step 2: Hot Scrub


I need to go deeper than just washing, so I add the Hammam Hot Scrub to the soap, simply on top of it – it’s a complete treat and feels like each toxin or dead skin is flying away with a magic carpet.


Step 3: Body Mud

Now I apply the Mud on my damp skin, keep it for a short while and then rinse off in the bath tube.

Step 4: Foaming Shower Gel

I take a small amount of gel and watch it transforming into a rich foam – the ultimate softness.



Step 5: Body Cream

My skin feels regenerated, my soul too. A gentle massage with the Hammam body cream and I’m ready for the new start.






















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