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Beatrice Lessi

Beatirce Lessi swiss lifestyle fashion blogger

Beatrice is an Italian ultra runner who recently completed

And his now planning to run the coldest and most far away race, Antartica Marathon. As a passionate traveler, she also went twice around the world, once with her husband and once with her kids, taking them out of school for three months and teaching them the program in the mornings. She has three daughters, is married and lives in Zurich.

Beatrice studied literature and languages in Pisa, then worked in London for nine years as a bond broker, moved to New York in 2000 and finally to Zurich.

Being Italian, fashion, good food, art and beauty were always in her DNA. Beatrice feels equally at ease on a red carpet event and running in the mountains. She loves luxury, nature and has a green heart.

Three years ago she was diagnosed with arthritis and was told by a sport doctor to quit running. As an answer, she ran 100 km (Il Passatore) and then started joining adventure races. She would have never done it without that diagnosis – maybe this can inspire women (and men) not to listen to negative people and to follow their dreams!

Beatrice is 52 years old.


Why A Swiss Lifestyle Blog?

If you are familiar with Switzerland you might know how active the country is in terms of events (festivals, concerts, business meetings and congresses, presentations, speeches, marketing events, venues openings, pop-up restaurants, and so on). We are two swiss fashion bloggers based in Zurich and have a strong link to Lugano (Geri lives between the two cities, and Beatrice also speaks Italian) and receive a lot of invitations (in fact too many and can’t attend them all!) from the different areas of Switzerland: we are one of the most popular and best swiss blogs.

The Swiss active scene is a way of living and becomes a very special, privileged and lively lifestyle where culture, fashion, show business, and even politics meet. Online and offline, Switzerland offers a lot of fun and innovation, and we are swiss fashion bloggers proud to be witnessing and reporting regularly, sometimes with articles and sometimes with pictures or videos in our social media and in our Zurich fashion blog.

Swiss Fashion

You might know it already: Switzerland is a very expensive country. That’s why swiss fashion brands made in Switzerland tend to cooperate with other countries (Italy for examples, because of its closeness and more affordable prices) and are sometimes linked to charity projects (the price becomes less important when you are giving for a good cause). Swiss fashion is, therefore, a not very explored field that we love to represent both virtually and in real life.

Street Style in Switzerland is very international and offers a lot of variety. Personally, we love changing it depending on the occasion. We enjoy swiss fashion casual or sporty outfits for the outdoors, magnificent gowns for a grand entrance at an exclusive event, skimpy dresses for summer or a classic jeans and t-shirt combination to feel beautiful and at ease .

A Zurich fashion blog: How It All Started

Beatrice and Geri both worked for Xenia Tchoumitcheva’s Swiss fashion blog and met online. Beatrice had just founded Ask the Monsters and was looking for a partner, because she felt that attending events, reporting and taking pictures was much easier in two, than being a single blogger. But it had to be the right person!

Geri, with her model looks, social media skills, experience in the fashion industry and knowledge about images, was the perfect match. Two minutes into their first coffee, they knew they would work together. In 6 months, their portfolio became 4 times bigger and they started to have returning clients.

Why Monsters? A swiss lifestyle blog

Margot Fonteyn once said: take your work seriously, but never yourself. The name Monsters was simply thought to catch attention and report about fashion in Switzerland with a smile. We are perfectly aware of the fact that the world is facing unprecedented, important challenges and we are “only” entertaining. Hopefully, with our smile and positive, healthy, even fashionable lifestyle we can inspire a lot of women to present themselves at their best and find fun and meaningfulness in their lives.


Swiss fashion blogger – Germina Preses

Germina, or Geri, is Swiss-Italian, born in Bosnia Herzegovina and raised in Lugano.

She studied psychology in London and later followed her passion for the fashion industry and moved to Zurich where she worked as retail buyer. In 2015 Geri became the Project Manager of ChicOverdose, Xenia Tchoumi’s swiss fashion Blog, developing a strong passion and next generation expertise about the online business and its fast paced growing environment. She believes in the power of Social Media as the future of marketing and advertisement.

Swiss fashion blogger Germina Preses



Holly Zimmermann – Health & Fitness

Holly was born and raised in the United States where she worked for several years as a Mechanical Engineer in Research & Development for military applications. In 2000, she moved to Germany with her German husband with whom she now has four children. Holly still works part-time in the technical industry, but every free minute she spends running and taking part in races of all distances, including the 257-km Marathon des Sables in April 2016 (a television interview about her preparations and the race itself can be seen here). Holly is an enthusiastic vegan and encourages a healthy lifestyle not only within her family but also through motivational speaking in companies, at sporting events and for local charities. Public speaking events (in either English or German) include a discussion on ‘Quality in Endurance Sports’ at Continental Corporation, Regensburg; and ‘How Can Role Models Motivate Others?’ at the Annual Meeting of Retired Professional Athletes, Schwandorf, Germany.

Swiss fashion blogger contributor fitness Holly Zimmermann