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AI and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – a short test

Stephan Gubler


Vacation with the first (artificially) intelligent Smartphone

When someone goes on a trip, they can tell something. And in the age of cell phones, there will definitely be plenty of photos to show. Same in our case. While the Galaxy Z Flip 5 was allowed to fly to Mallorca last year, this time it was the turn of the new flagship. And a ship it is. More of a luxury yacht, because the Koreans have really packed everything that is currently technically possible into this device.

As the first Galaxy Smartphone ever, this cell phone is made of titanium, which is intended to increase durability and longevity. However, the S24 Ultra is by no means lightweight. The casing is nice and thin, but the 6.8-inch display is almost mini-tablet-sized for smaller hands.

On the first bike ride I already missed the Flip phone because it fit so nicely in the back pocket of my bike shirt. But the S24 Ultra is of course great for looking at photos and videos.

Artificial intelligence is finding its way into Smartphones

AI supports the user in several areas. The Circle to Search function allows you to circle objects on the screen and Google will immediately tell you what they are. This is really practical and useful.

If desired, the AI can also provide strong support when taking photos. Edit Suggestion suggests appropriate changes and Generative Edit manages to fill the edges of crooked images and even move objects.

The 5x optical zoom lens enables impressive results, and not just on vacation. And if a photo is a little blurry despite the improved optical image stabilizer, the little artificially intelligent helpers are also used here. Not more, but above all larger pixels ensure impressive results when taking photos at dusk or at night.


AI is here to stay on cell phones too. That is clear. Smartphones will become even smarter in the future. When it comes to device size, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is at the limit or, for my taste, already slightly above it. This jumbo is no longer really handy. I have to admit, I like the foldable flip phones. Whether in your hand, jacket or trouser pocket, they simply fit better everywhere. And selfies or long exposure pictures are also easier to take because the tripod is basically built in.


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