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Best-kept Beauty Secret: Dry Brushing

Holly Zimmermann

What is dry brushing?

Dry skin brushing is just like it sounds. You take a natural brush and brush your skin in a particular pattern to release toxins and waste that the body excretes through your pores. By removing dead skin cells, the body has room to replace them with shiny new healthy cells.

geri brush

Dry brushing: best kept beauty secret.

Is it just another beauty fad?

No, it is not just a fad! This is one of the easiest, most inexpensive and amazingly effective beauty secrets there is. And there are many benefits…

dry brushing natural bristle

Use a natural-bristled brush to clean your skin. Photo: howtogetridofcelluliteonlegs.xyz

  1. It can help reduce cellulite.

Excess waste in the body is stored in fat cells, and it is these fat cells that create unwanted cellulite, a look that none of us want! Dry skin brushing helps redistribute fat cells, creating a smoother appearance of the skin. It also boosts the breakdown and removal of these cellulite cells and their waste products: Less waste products = Less cellulite.

  1. It unclogs pores.

Skin brushing unclogs your pores and allows your skin to better absorb nutrients, like healthy vitamins from the sun (but don’t forget the sun screen). As dry brushing unclogs the pores, it better allows toxins to escape our system, which can help keep our bodies running as they should and not have to fight against foreign substances that make us chronically ill.

  1. It stimulates the lymph glands.

The lymphatic system transports waste products like dead cells, toxins, infections, and excess fat, which are then excreted through urine, stool, and the pores of our skin. The skin is our body’s largest organ and it is the primary route to eliminate toxins; an amazing one-third of the body’s toxins are excreted through the skin.

  1. It improves circulation in your body.

Dry skin brushing increases circulation to the skin, so your skin receives more oxygen and nutrients to give you that healthy glow. Better blood flow also speeds up your body’s waste removal system. As you dry brush your circulation will increase the disposal of metabolic waste.

  1. It exfoliates.

Gently dry brushing your skin will remove dead skin cells and help improve the overall look of your skin, leaving you with healthier, glowing skin. I remember the first time I tried dry brushing. I brushed before showing in the morning and in the evening as I was getting changed for bed I caught a quick glimpse of my back in the mirror and had to make a double-take…I didn’t recognize my own skin, it was absolutely glowing!

natural bristle brushes dry brushing

Natural bristle brushes. Photo: wastenotblog

The method

  1. Get an all-natural brush. I use two brushes: a hand-held with a strap in the back that I can hold in my palm, which I use for my whole body except for my back, and a long-handled one to reach between the shoulders.
  2. Get undressed and stand in the tub or shower. Do not turn on the water…this is DRY brushing!
  3. Take your brush and start gently brushing your skin from your feet upwards. Brush in strokes or small circular motions toward your heart. Some areas may be more sensitive than others, so adjust pressure as necessary since it should not be painful. Don’t forget your armpits…not only do you have lymph nodes there, but since we cover that area so often with deodorants and antiperspirants it is essential to thoroughly free the skin from those chemicals.
  4. Some people brush their face and neck, others do not. I like to do it very gently, but if you have another tried-and-true exfoliating method for the face such as a Clarisonic, then you can leave that area alone.
  5. Brushing your entire body should take no more than five to ten minutes, and then take a shower to rinse off any dead skin that has stuck to your body.
  6. Afterwards pat yourself dry with a towel and use a natural moisturizer.
  7. Repeat once a day for the first month and then one to three times per week after that to maintain all the healthy benefits!
dry brushing remove cellulite

Use a palm-held brush with sweeping or circular strokes. Photo: howtogetridofcelluliteonlegs.xyz

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