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The New On Flagship Store in NY – Revolutionising Your Running Shopping

Beatrice Lessi

Strong Feelings Only

I used to live in New York and became a mum there for the first time, so I have a very special attachment to this city. My heart skips a bit every time I see a beautiful picture of a familiar area (Lafayette, in this case) where I used to stroll or have a coffee, first freshly in love, then pregnant and finally with my first daughter.

And of course I have a special connection to running, even  in this mad 2020 without races, because the sport kept me and so many of us sane, gave us a reason to go out and made our moods much better.

So I was immediately intrigued when I saw that the first On-running flagship store has been opened here, and had very high expectations about it. What could they possibly have done, different than usual, in this store? Where was the special touch? There had to be a wow effect.

on nyc

I have been running in On shoes for the past 3 years – I have an attachment to running, to NYC and to the brand

The Magic Wall

I was not disappointed to see the press release and video about the store. My favourite detail? The pink wall, of course! It looks good, and must be really fun to try  – it is for sure in my list for my next trip to New York.

As On explains:

Spanning nearly the store’s length and height, the 69  x  2  x  3 ft. Magic Wall is striking in both appearance and technological capabilities. The frontside of the Magic Wall allows shoppers to analyze their running styles in seconds right on the store floor. With hidden gait-cycle analysis technology, shoppers need to only run a few strides to get instantly matched with the best shoes for their individual running style. Combined with a custom-built invisible foot scanner with depth cameras that achieve an accuracy of +/- 1.25mm, shoppers receive not only the perfect model recommendations but also their perfect size. The back of the Magic Wall enables shoppers to explore and try on the entirety of the On shoe collection with ease. Carrying every model and size, the Magic Wall revolutionises shoe shopping by eliminating time spent waiting to receive sizes.

Swiss Alps in New York

Stepping into the changing rooms, shoppers will feel transported to the Swiss Alps with a signature Alpine scent and complementing sounds. Upon exiting On NYC, shoppers will pass a life-size, 3D-printed boulder, another nod to On’s outdoor roots. Scanned directly from the Engadin Valley in the Swiss Alps, the piece celebrates On’s history and founding. To find out more about any touch point or product in the store, including how the boulder was made, shoppers can simply hold their smartphones to the object for instant access to more information using NFC technology.

A real stone from Engadine – find out more in the video below

Running Hub

Another part I find interesting is how “open” the shop will be:

Located in New York City’s lively NoHo neighborhood, On NYC will serve as a seasonal hub for the local running community where runners of all kinds can safely gather to run together and see the latest products from the brand.

For more information, the store’s COVID-19 safety measures and how to book a virtual appointment visit:www.on-running.com/on/nyc

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