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10 Reasons to Buy a Vintage Fiat 500

Beatrice Lessi

The Easter Egg had a huge surprise for us, this year: we went to Turin (where Lingotto is) and bought an original Fiat 500 L from 1969. The purchase was actually made by bidding at an online auction, through Collecting Cars. As soon as we got our little Fiat, we saw people waving and smiling at us. I have already had one, so I know how driving one feels like. Here are the 10 reasons to get it.

1.To Bring The Kids to School

Giving a lift to the kids to go to school might me a hassle, since they would often procrastinate or stay in bed. But tell them that today we go with the 500, and the magic is done!

2. To Wave like The Pope

Sitting in an original Fiat 500 allows you to wave to the crowds like a Royal – or like the Pope, for that matter. People feel encouraged to smile, honk and wave at you, just by seeing the cute design or your little car. Don’t be shy and wave back.

3. To Go to A Wedding

Always a winner at any cheerful gathering, a vintage 500 is the best way to make a bella figura at any wedding. It’s festive, it’s chic, it’s friendly – just a bit too small for three people, so do consider letting the bride or groom drive themselves, in case they want to arrive to the ceremony in it.

4. To Relax When Paying for Fuel

Fill it up with 20 Euro – isn’t that a fantastic bonus?

5. To Go to A 500 Meeting

Driving to a Fiat 500 event and meeting other owners is a super fun experience. Everybody loves their little cars and can share interesting stories. Good mood assured, and if the day is sunny get ready for tons of pictures.

6. To Get a Lot of Likes

Perhaps the most Instagrammable car out there, a bright photo of your little 500 will sure collect a record number of likes.

7. To Park It Anywhere

You only need about 3 mt. to park, so a trip to any city will be simple and practical in terms of parking space.

8. To Drive in the Cold

Surprisingly enough, your little car won’t be freezing or bothered by the cold. And how about the inside? Turn the air intake hose and stay cozy.

9. To Keep Your Money

There is a fast market for Fiat 500, so you will always get your money back, if you decide to sell.

10. It’s One of The Best Designs in The World

Not many cars are that recognisable and stand the time so well. If you love good looks, this car can definitely deliver.

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