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13 Photos To Prove That IWC And Boesch Just Get It

Beatrice Lessi

Blue Waters And Mahogany

The best breakfast invitation in the world? It includes a very wet boat ride on Lake Zurich, a preview of the new exclusive collection of the Portugieser Yacht Club Chronograph Edition Boesch, a chat with press and bloggers and…finally lunch too! Both on land and water, trying the new IWC watch on and seeing where Boesch motorboats are made got everybody interested, amused and…wishing they could have a Portugieser Yacht Club chronograph on their wrist.

iwc and boesch geri

Geri during the first boat ride, direction Kilchberg – the trip is still dry.

breakfast iwc and boesch

The calm before  the outdoor ride – breakfast overlooking lake Zurich.

iwc and boesch boat bloggers

Florian Zobl of NZZ takes picture of bloggers Nel-Olivia Waga and Sandra Bauknecht in the Boesch shipyard.

iwc and boesch

Mahogany and blue waters: the new Portugieser edition Boesch.

iwc and boesch florian bea

Florian is kissing me to reassure me, and I am praying because I don’t trust the driver!

iwc and boesch florian beatrice

Florian and Beatrice during the Boesch test: we tried the watch and the boat!

The New Collection You Haven’t Seen Anywhere Yet

So how does this new watch look like in detail, and what’s the idea behind it?

Swiss boatbuilder Boesch and luxury watch maker IWC Schaffhausen  both stand for tradition, precision, perfection, and have made international names for themselves with their high level of quality craftsmanship. This year they decided to cooperate for the second time and produce an exclusive collection that will be available in a limited number of 150 pieces.

With its mahogany-coloured dial, mahogany emblem and, on the inside of the glass back cover, a stylized ship’s propeller, the elegant sports chronograph is instantly recognizable. Its rugged strap is made of rubber with an alligator leather inlay that makes it particularly comfortable to wear. This elegant, sporty chronograph is the perfect companion on land or water and, of course, on any Boesch motorboat.

iwc and boesch portugieser

The Portugieser Yacht Club Cronograph Edition Boesch.

I love the back as much as the front! A stylized ship's propeller

I love the back as much as the front! A stylized ship’s propeller on the back of the cronograph.

iwc boesch

Everybody is curious about the new watch.

iwc boesch

So classic, so timeless.

iwc boesch

Mahogany dominates Boesch boats and the new Portugieser Chronograph.

iwc boesch

Stefano is driving! No chance to stay dry anymore…

iwc boesch

Let’s go in and have a warm soup – testing was fun, but it’s definitely time for lunch.

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