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3 Party Dresses for your Big Night Out

Beatrice Lessi

Party season is coming close, and if you live in Zurich, you’ll sure get some invitations that will allow you to show off your glamorous self. I always try to wear something beautiful without breaking the bank and, above all, without buying fast fashion. That’s why I am a big fan of second-hand and gown rentals.

If you also would like to rent out, Ragfair is the best service in Switzerland. Order online, and if you live in Zurich you can even have your dress shortened or fixed for you.

Here are 3 dresses I wore recently that are available on the Ragfair platform. Happy holiday season!

Photos: Funky Forty and Giorgia Ghezzi-Panzera

Photo: Giorgia Ghezzi-Panzera


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