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5 Things About Philips Every Girl Should Know

Beatrice Lessi

Put together a breathtaking view on a Swiss lake and snowy mountains in the 5-stars hotel Park Hotel Vitznau; a suite, gourmet food and spa treatment for each of us; a bunch of girls who seriously know (and write) about beauty; a PR Manager Personal Health who happens to be blonde, sweet, and with an incredibly toned body and a real passion for fitness; the most innovative beauty products on the market; Geri Preses and I. What do you get? A wonderful treat where you literally absorb all the beauty and go home with your head full of information and tips. So here is , in short, what I learnt.


The pool at Park Hotel Vitznau, Switzerland

1.You Can Save Serious Money With Philips Beauty Products

How much are you spending for waxing, for example, and how much would you spend for a laser treatment for a complete hair removal? You can do you it yourself at home, at a fraction of the price, and faster. Flash Lumea where you wish; it’s so super easy even a child can do it – and my teenage daughters did!


Philips and Rituals galore during the stay in Vitznau Park Hotel

2. Health Is As Glamorous As Beauty

Philips has been innovating in the health sector and working with hospitals for years. Many of the care programs involve mobile, home- and community-based programs. The unique knowledge this company has about health, technology and money-saving home devices naturally brings Philips to the beauty sector. Health is complex, beautiful and glamorous! Never underestimate the importance of health and well-being to look absolutely gorgeous.


Trying to make friends with Doris in the Spa aquarium in Park Hotel Vitznau – I adore water and being active.


A brave Geri had a barefoot walk at zero temperatures – an incredible way to start a day! Lingerie: Simone Pérèle.


Marketing might be a a lot of office work, but Nicoletta, Philips’ PR manager, is a very active person too.

3. If You Want To Make Your Girlfriend Happy, Try One of These.

I was given the Visa Pure Advanced Facial Cleansing brush and massage with sonic technology and a Lumea device for hair growth prevention, to try at home. When I entered the door and my daughters saw them, they started to scream, jump and unpack them: they had already seen them in the internet and were considering buying them. 10 minutes later we were all in our bathrobes, trying the treatments on each other and laughing. I tell you: if you want to impress your girlfriend or give her something she will really appreciate, try one of these products. Even the woman who has it all wants to go the extra mile to be beautiful, and doing it also in the comfort of her home, without necessarily going to the salon, but having the same standard.


So easy to do it’s fun! Laser technology without any risks. Photo: philips.com

4. Take The Spotlight

Philips started its business with light bulbs. It still illuminates castles and landscapes, houses and light shows. You can take the spotlight yourself and do your own treatments at home – it’s fast, cheap and as effective.


Geri takes time for reading – today it’s all about our wellbeing. Lingerie by Simone Pérèle.

Beatrice Lessi -hotel-vitznau

Morning walk in my Odlo sport gear

5. Prevention 

Your body is your temple, love it and prevent. I couldn’t believe we had to be reminded of this by a company like Philips, which I associated mostly with technology. They really did encourage us to take time, enjoying spa treatments, being active, eating well, watching the nature, having a relaxed conversation, enjoying the sauna, the water, the peaceful view of the mountains. Geri and I felt like we had a long holiday and were the last ones to leave. A big thank you also to Odlo and Simone Pérèle for giving us beautiful sport gear and lingerie.


The ice grotto at minus ten!! I didn’t resist there for very long…


Happy girls…planning the next steps!


  1. Awesome article! Great tip for men for the gift idea. Totally agree Body is a temple! Can’t wait to see more content from both Geri and yourself Beatrice 🙂

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